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welcome to our Gallery. Our Gallery contains pictures and videos from all our events, outings, meetings and gatherings. It also contains our brand images; logos, cover photos among others.

The lovely children were very interested in the anti-hate speech club initiative.
… and the welcome at V.O.A was awesome
Catch them young approach.. it is easier and better to roll a fish into a cyclic shape lest it gets dried.
Catch them young Approach… to ensure the sustainability of this campaign and movement, we have taken the campaign to secondary schools where we now set up anti-hate speech clubs

The Supports we are receiving from schools reaffirm our believe that through this campaign our vision for and search for common humanity will be established.
We will not spare any effort in fighting ethnic based hate speech to the very core.
Photo from the occasion of the launching of our campaign
Photo from our outing on national function (Nigerian Labour Day )
photo from Public mobilization outing
occasion of youth mobilization
Varsity Don charges Media students to counter hate speech